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Jessica N.

“We love our Domino pup! Charlie is six months and has been an amazing addition to our family. His personality is the cutest and he is one smart pup. He’s also quite mischievous and no loose sock or dish towel is safe in his presence. Ashlee was wonderful to work with. She laid out what to expect and followed through with everything. She also replies immediately once the pup is home and you reach out with questions. She provides a lot of guidance as well. We waited to potty train and take the pup outside until the 16 weeks like she suggested and he responded very quickly to potty training at that age. I highly recommend.

Linda S.
I found Domino Schnoodles on a trip to California last January. I have been looking for a schnoodle and Ashley had the perfect fit for me! Little did I know at the time! Bear has been such a wonderful addition to my life and my family’s! If I could afford to have two of them, I would be contacting her ASAP for another one! He is smart, and gentle, playful, and loves my grandkids ❤️
Richard G.
I met Ashlee from Domino Schnoodles two years ago and this whole experience has changed my life. I picked my puppy named Joey out of a sizable litter and I immediately fell In love. Joey is two years old now and just the best dog I have ever met. This is my first puppy and Ashlee was so thorough in helping me every step of the way. I could ask her for help at anytime about anything and she was prompt to respond and give me just the right advice. Two years later I can call her with any questions and she is always willing to help. My dog is happy, healthy and the best companion anyone could ask for. I wouldn’t get a dog from anyone else when it comes to Schnoodles…. Ashlee is the expert.
Renee' K.
We decided to buy a puppy. Then on our walk we met a neighbor who bought their Schnoodle from Domino Schnoodles (Ashlee). We fell in love with this little dog of hers named Tater, so we went on the website and saw our Sundae. We got really excited, but of course scared that we had never heard of a Schnoodle before. After much research of the breed, then contacting Ashlee, we felt more confident with our decision.

Ashlee was great to answer all of our questions, and got back to us when a question would pop up after talking with her. She sent us a packet with a lot of great information in it to prepare us for taking little Sundae home and gave us great advise which was put to use.

Connie C.
Ashlee has and continues to be not only professional and helpful, but she continues to assist with raising the pup long after you purchase. Ashlee gives her pups a firm, consistent foundation which makes the transition to your home easy and pretty close to flawless. Her Puppy Pack provides you with all the information plus that you will need to raise a happy, healthy dig. My schnoodle is sweet, cuddly and a great addition to the family ! I highly recommend Domino Schnoodles
Catherine S.
Ashlee was great to work with while I was deciding if a Schnoodle was right for me. We had several phone calls where she answered my questions about raising a puppy, and the process. Once I decided to get a puppy, she sent a handbook that walked me through what I’d need to get prepared for the puppy, and what to expect and do when I brought her home. After my puppy was born, Ashlee notified me and spoke with me while I tried to choose my puppy. While the puppy was getting old enough to come home, she sent pictures, answered my questions, and had three FaceTime calls where I could see the puppy and discuss and questions I had. Ashlee met me at the airport when I picked my puppy up. She still checks in on me and my puppy and answers any questions I have.

My puppy is wonderful. She’s playful, friendly, and curious. She has been health and the vet is pleased with her progress

Tamra M.
My Mother again got the the most awesome and well breed schnoodle!!!!2nd time with this breeder First time with Ashley’s mother this time with Ashley and Shari. My mother has followed the instructions on keeping pup in jail and let me tell you (It Works) . Her pup is very smart and well behaved and he’s only 5 months old and he’s already learned to potty outside for the most part. We really appreciate everything you did to work with us and prepare her for her new baby. Ty!!!!!
Kristin S.
We have had our schnoodle Charlie for the last 8 years. He has been a wonderful family dog. He is super smart and has a great temperament. We would highly recommend this breeder if you are considering a schnoodle. They provide amazing service, coordination, and information when you get the dog. Charlie is the heart of our house and he gets along well with our two cats! We just love him to death.
Pablo G.
We were fortunate to find Domino Schnoodles online back in 2015. We never a dog, but our son was insistent and we decided to go for it. I’m so glad we found Domino! From the first phone conversation with them, it was clear they knew what they were doing and would help us through the process. We were able to pick our pup (Eva) from pictures, and they helped us figure out her estimated adult size and coloring.

We picked up Eva from them (we live in San Francisco) and fly her home with us. Ashlee brought her to the airport so we didn’t have to drive far to get her. Eva came with very specific instructions and guidance – we had everything ready when we got home.

Eva had a super easy transition to our home, and was potty trained (first into a litter box, then outside) within a coupe of weeks. Any time we had a question, we just had to call Domino Schnoodles or email them for a quick and precise answer.

We couldn’t be happier with our schnoodle, and with the service they provide. If you’re looking for a pup, please consider a schnoodle (GREAT personality!) and Domino Schnoodles for your breeder.

Caren G.
We recently became proud fur parents to a sweet, beautiful chocolate miniature Schnoodle from Domino Schnoodles. From the moment I spoke with Ashlee, she was incredibly responsive, extremely informative and very clearly loves what she does. Ashlee walked me through step-by-step of what the process would be like, including sending a very detailed “taking home your puppy” manual. Even after we picked up our puppy, she was always available to talk with me and answer any questions, including our very first night when our puppy was having a hard time adjusting. Ashlee stayed on the phone with me, very late at night, talking me through things that I can do to help my puppy. She then kept following up with me I’m during the next few days to see how he and our family was doing. My husband, 2 kids and I are in love with our new puppy. It was a fantastic experience working with Ashlee. I highly recommend Domino Schnoodles!
Debbie R.
Some people might say that Domino Schnoodles are expensive. Well you get what you pay for… a healthy, first generation Schnoodle that is not a product of in-breeding or any disgusting puppy mill. What you get is a perfect mix of a Poodle and a Schnauzer.. can’t get better than that!!! Ashlee loves your puppy as much as you will and it shows. .. you definitely won’t regret it one bit!!! Thank you Ashlee!!!!
Gurdal Family
I’m really allergic to dogs and cats, so I wasn’t sure my family was going to be able to have a pet at home. After my 9-year-old daughter made a list of dog breeds that might work, my wife researched and found Domino Schnoodles. Almost immediately after texting them, we got a response and then hopped on the phone with them. We arranged a visit to confirm whether my allergies might tolerate one of these beautiful pups at home. Domino Schnoodles was incredibly helpful and informative about the needs and care of their dogs. They sent photos when the litter was born and arranged live chats so we could see our puppy. And the health of the dogs was at the center of all our conversations. Our boy was born a bit small, so they kept him a little longer to make sure he was ready to come home with us. With their guidance, we were ready to bring our baby to a home that was set up for him. And when we had questions about his vaccines and care, they have been incredibly informative and responsive. If we think about adding to our family, we will definitely look to Domino again.

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