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Raising a Domino Schnoodle, Schnauzer or Poodle Puppy

A Domino Schnoodle Exclusive


When you purchase one of our puppies you will receive our puppy guide. This guide includes a shopping list so you can prepare for your new puppy, along with home set up and training.  Our puppy guide is a great help for those who have never owned a puppy before, and it serves as a refresher for those who have had a puppy before.  The puppy guide is going to help you be ready ahead of the puppy’s arrival and will help make the transition smooth for the puppy.  It is important to read this guide so you know exactly what the puppy expects of you and what you can expect from the puppy.  Most of your questions and concerns are answered in this guide.  Please be sure to print it and keep it handy.

Exclusive Puppy Guide

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