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Many phone calls begin with the statement: “I am researching the right dog for the family.”

We wrote this site in response. ALL dog buyers should be well informed about their breed of choice, as well as the basics for the health and maintenance of all breeds. The information within THE MANY TOPIC BOXES BELOW not only answers common Schnoodle questions it also provides basic information on topics common to all breeds. Hopefully, you will find answers to all your questions here on our site. Perhaps the most important thing you are thinking to yourself is “I would love to hear from former buyers”. This site is filled with letters from buyers. Here is the most recent just sent to us on the 5th birthday of their Schnoodle. A photo on the Lifestyles page shows him “sacked” out on the couch!

I hope the following doesn't ruin our friendship. I know that breeders breed for conformation, color, stamina, etc. etc.
But these are not the most important characteristics in your dogs - it is something that didn't come from the dad, Leroy Brown or the mom, Bambi, but from you - it is the love and devotion that each of your puppies possess. It is a gift we didn't know we were receiving, but that we experience every day. We wake up next to Snickers yawning on his pillow between us in the morning, it is his falling asleep on our laps when we are watching the TV or reading, it is the excitement he shows when he realizes that he gets to go with us in the car, it is the rascal in him when he grabs the Kleenex out of Gina's sleeve, it is the beautiful face looking up patiently while I dress in the morning before I feed him, it is the joy he shows when he jumps up on the couch to get his collar on to go for a walk with Gina, then it is his being a dog sniffing every bush.That is the gift you have given us and we thank you every day. Gina and Jack