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Allergies Stopping You from Getting a Puppy?

Many phone calls begin with the statement “I (my children or spouse) have severe allergies and would love to have a dog.  I understand that the Schnoodle may work for me”.  I (Ashlee) myself have severe allergies.  My allergies are so severe that even encountering a scented spray can put me into anaphylactic shock.  I understand allergies and the desire to have a dog.   Schnoodles are the answer for those who suffer from allergies because they do not shed and are hypoallergenic.  Schnoodles are a cross between a Poodle and Schnauzer.  They offer all of the wonderful traits of both breeds; loving, loyal, intelligent, up for anything, and great for families.

“I’m really allergic to dogs and cats, so I wasn’t sure my family was going to be able to have a pet at home. After my 9-year-old daughter made a list of dog breeds that might work, my wife researched and found Domino Schnoodles. Almost immediately after texting them, we got a response and then hopped on the phone with them. We arranged a visit to confirm whether my allergies might tolerate one of these beautiful pups at home. Domino Schnoodles was incredibly helpful and informative about the needs and care of their dogs. They sent photos when the litter was born and arranged live chats so we could see our puppy. And the health of the dogs was at the center of all our conversations. Our boy was born a bit small, so they kept him a little longer to make sure he was ready to come home with us. With their guidance, we were ready to bring our baby to a home that was set up for him. And when we had questions about his vaccines and care, they have been incredibly informative and responsive. If we think about adding to our family, we will definitely look to Domino again”  – F.Gurdal

Man with allergies holding schnoodle

From a breeder’s standpoint, the Schnauzer has the same no shedding/no allergy characteristic as the Poodle. Notice I don’t use the words “low shedding” which is a popular explanation used by breeders crossing “other” breeds to the Poodle. Common sense should tell you that if one of the breeds is a shedding dog, that “allergy component” is only cut in half!

Schnoodle Puppy
Chocolate Schnoodle
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Chocolate Schnoodle with ball
Adorable black puppy

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