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We require all our puppies to be spayed/neutered.  We do not allow any breeding rights of our puppies.  We have all clients sign a contract for spay/neuter.  It is important to spay/neuter your puppy for their health.  Dogs that are not bred and left unaltered can develop cancer.  For the female it can be cancer of the reproductive system.  For a male it can be cancer of the penis or testicles.  To avoid any health risk, it is always best to spay/neuter your pet.

Health Guarantee

We offer a 3 Year Genetic Health Guarantee for all of our puppies. We are always available to help our clients if they need assistance with their puppy even if it is not genetic. Our goal is always to help in any way we can keep our puppies healthy and safe. We understand that things can happen and offer support to our clients for the life of the puppy.

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