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Our Schnoodles are Miniature sized.  They range in size from about 12-25 pounds average.  Their size depends on the background of both parents.  Of course, we cannot guarantee a specific size, but we do our best to give our best guess based on our experience, the parents, and their birth weights.  We weigh the puppies several times a day for the first few weeks to be sure that they are gaining weight and growing the way that they should be.  These weights are helpful to us when we are trying to make an assessment on what the puppy will likely weigh as an adult.  If there is a size range you would prefer, be sure to let us know so we can do our best to help you meet that range.  Again, we can’t guarantee a specific size, but we can give our professional opinion based on all the facts discussed above.

We try to offer a variety of colors to our clients.  We try to offer the colors that everyone is looking for which include but are not limited to, Chocolate, Black, Brown and White Parti, Black and White Parti, White, Cream, Black and Silver Phantom, Brown and Tan Phantom, Toffee and Apricot.  Some of these colors are rare so we do not get them as often as we would like.  If there is a specific color, you have in mind please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.  We cannot guarantee a specific shade on a color because colors can vary depending on the genetics of the puppy.

The puppy’s color may lighten as they get older.  This is not always the case, but it happens. For example, some of our chocolate puppies start out so dark they almost look black.  By the time they are a little older they are more of a mocha color.  It depends on the parent’s background.  Chocolate is a recessive gene so the color can vary depending on the genetics of the puppy.  They are still considered chocolate but just a lighter version.  Black can get a little silver going through it as the puppy ages similar to us getting gray hair as we age.

A puppy’s coat depends on the parents.  Some of our Schnauzers have a straight but soft coat, while others may have a curlier thick coat.  Typically, our Schnoodles have wavy soft average (not too thick, not too thin) coats.  In some cases, they can have a straight soft coat, or a curly soft coat if they took more after the Poodle or the Schnauzer.  On the other hand, they can have a thinner, softer coat.  We cannot guarantee a specific coat because of the genetics of the puppy.  One thing I will say is if you want a specific look, most of the time it can be created by a simple haircut.  For example, the teddy bear look is accomplished by a good grooming job.  The face gets scissored and made to look thick and fluffy while the rest of the body is trimmed short, so the face really stands out.  A haircut can make all the difference, so you want to consider that when you are choosing a puppy.  Don’t focus on what the coat looks like because as it grows and gets trimmed it will look entirely different.  The puppy’s get a baby coat just like an infant has baby hair.  This needs to be trimmed off over time to allow the adult coat to grow in which in many cases is a much better coat than the puppy started with.  Once the adult coat grows in a good hair cut in many cases will give you the look you desire.

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