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We welcome visitors to come and see puppies as soon as they are born! You can see parents and spend lots of time “one on one” with Ashlee while you look at puppies and ask questions.

Visiting is by appointment, commonly Monday-Saturday, 11-2.ASHLEE–951-544-2419located in SOUTHERNCALIFORNIA
WE ASK FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION when coming to visit the pups.
ASHLEE is EXTREMELY ALLERGIC to anything with fragrance, including lotions, body spray, perfumes/colognes/after shave EXPOSURE always results in breathing difficulties.

I’m often asked how I operate my breeding program, where my parents live and where the pups grow up. These are all fair questions for any breeder. Certainly in this time of puppy mill breeding new buyers want to know something about the background of their new pup.

Nevertheless, for the protection of my stock, I do not allow buyers to just “wander around” my property.

Buyers need to understand that they arrive on my property carrying germs. Buyers have been walking in public areas, have been around other dogs, etc. My dogs, and particularly pregnant mothers and pups are very susceptible to infection by disease organisms.

When you step onto my property, you can tell this is not “just a breeding operation”, but a professionally set up program with one thing in mind- the health and safety of the dogs and puppies.

Many buyers “make a day outing” of looking at puppies. Often they are at the shelter (the worst possible place for germs) then in and out of people’s back yards. MOST people are NOT breeders. They have NO idea of puppy disease, NO idea of how to combat it, NO idea of how to educate their buyers on how to protect a puppy, NO research has been done so they not only understand the ramifications of PARVO but protect their puppies from it. ALL THEY HAVE IS A NEW LITTER (generally one) and they want to sell it.
Puppy mills make every serious breeder look bad—-they don’t want people to see the squalor they keep dogs in. SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL BREEDERS want to protect their breeding stock. Buyers “think” they are clean, freshly washed clothes, clean shoes BUT breeders have NO idea where you were walking in the past!
SERIOUS BREEDERS are always researching, we are as up on what makes a puppy sick and or can cause death as any vet. We spend a lot of money to insure the best health in a pup. A “back-yard”—-“you can go anywhere you like at my house” breeder may or may not realize the need for not only ONE worming BUT many—-may or may not even worm. Usually they DO give the 8 weeks shot and hand off the puppy. As for ME—worming starts at 2 weeks, shots at 6 weeks of age. ANY puppy leaving here has 2 shots for PARVO, multitude wormings, prophylactic treatments and has been sheltered FROM THE PUBLIC to insure the complete health of that pup.
Upon your arrival on the property, the dogs know you are here. They can hear and smell you, but they are quiet (trained to be) and they know that no one will enter into their world. Thus, they feel safe and secure and are not threatened by visitors. Please understand that when a mom is newly bred she can, at any time, absorb the pups. There can be a lot of reasons for this and certainly stress and anxiety are major causes. I hope this helps you understand why I have no choice but to limit exposure to my dogs.
My breeding stock enjoys living in small groups under lots of shade trees. Huge pens designed with lawn access allow for endless playing and running. At the end of the pen is a large building designed especially for them. Inside are cubby holes around a large open area. This house is heated to 75′ throughout the winter, and is lit throughout the night. The dogs have free access in and out, so it is a “dog decision” to be wherever they wish at any given time.

Ashlee and I are a “mother/daughter team”. When you grow up helping out, things often become your passion too! One or the both of us are available every day to answer the phone and your e-mails in a timely fashion.


Ashlee: after 7 years working as a aide in a classroom for the profoundly handicapped, Ashlee is attending Cal Baptist University to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis on childhood development. She also works part time as a Spanish Interpreter. Ashlee has always had a passion for animals. She volunteered at a Collie rescue for 3 years and only quit due to her severe allergies.


Norma: I’m retired now, but “stand in” for Ashlee when she is off at class or a job or needs a well-earned vacation. My specialty is caring for nursing moms and their pups! My “other” passion is horses! Riding, taking lessons and showing!


Commonly buyers will make several statements to me either on the phone or upon arrival.

  1. I like my puppy to pick me
  2. I will know the right puppy when I see him/her
  3. I like to stand in the middle of the puppies and whoever comes and sits neat my feet is it
  4. The most astonishing one to me is the person who, without warning, flips a pup over onto its’ back to rub the tummy. That person says they read/heard this was the way to pick a pup. Meanwhile the pup has panicked, is squirming and whining. The person has forcibly demanded submission! Which leads me to the question: do you want a pup that submits out of fear or love?
Think of when you join a new club or go to a meeting. There is always a “greeter” there to make you feel comfortable and to welcome you. This person is always outgoing and quick to make friends. Obviously, that’s why they are chosen to make the introduction! However, within that same group may be a few people who “hang back” and are slower to respond to a new member. Often times, these people, when not rushed but encouraged, become life-long friends. It is the same when you pick out a puppy.
My advice is to always keep your puppy criteria in mind. You KNOW what size you want your pup to be at maturity, what sex you prefer, color may be primary in choice. Don’t have expectations that “the pup will pick you out”. Think about that. A puppy is NOT picking you out, it is merely curious. Just as the door greeter finds it easy to meet strangers, there are puppies that naturally advance to the front. IF THE PUPPY you had in mind for your family is sitting quietly in the back corner, DON’T eliminate it. This will still be the best puppy for you!
I picked this puppy for an Idaho family. Mom told be about the kids, their lifestyle and left it to me! Do you think I made a good selection?

We are loving Tucker and feel like we really lucked out. He is such a good, chill dog. And I know you had something to do with that! THANKS!!! Susie

1. An 8 week old puppy isn’t picking anyone! It is just glad to see humans any humans. They are on one side of a pen and you are on the other. They are fully aware of the “safety” area they are in so have no problem exhibiting excited behavior when they see anyone. However, if you picked one up—-removing the safety net, providing new smells, different handling than they are used to from me, you now have a quivering, crying, unsure pup. This is because YOU have removed their ability to make a decision for themselves.
2. If “knowing” the right puppy refers to a “look” you had in your mind I am all for that! This isn’t an impulse decision, it actually has been forming all the while you were doing your research and looking at countless photos of pups. Suddenly you see it and that is that. This is a good way to select a puppy. I am already guaranteeing the personality, disposition, temperament, and health. Your job is to select the puppy that will make you smile every morning.
3. Most of my puppies are in the process of getting shots. The younger ones have just started so touching them and standing where they will brush against you can’t be allowed. They are displayed so you can get up close and look but for the health safety of the pups touching is discouraged.
A favorite saying of mine is, “friends are the family we chose… it any wonder dogs are called “mans’ best friend”?
So to get to your original thoughts for selection, when you pick up your pup it will be a “blank slate” with a wagging tail. A month later will be a completely different story!
I go to great lengths to help a buyer understand they are BUYING A BABY and NOT to expect anything but that! I don’t know if you have kids and if not you certainly have been around babies/toddlers/kindergarten age kids.
Let’s COMPARE the two: an 8 week old pup is like a newborn, IN FACT it NEEDS more sleep than a newborn, 18 hours in a 24/hour zone. It has NO personality, BUT does indicate that it wants to make friends.
Hello Norma, just a little update on Rudy, the smartest puppy in the universe. Rudy is thriving, at 3 months and 3 weeks, he weighs in at 9 1/2 pounds and is all muscle, he loves his meals and loves me, and his best friend, Sadie. Not so much with Alice Claire, my 12 year old cat, she is, however, working on his manners and respect, so the future is full of possibilities. Rudy is better at getting a bath, being brushed, tooth brushing. The trick is to do it after play time when he is a litter more tired! Rudy is cuddly and very loving, particularly when he’s tired! Judy and Rudy
Judy lives alone and has always “adopted” strays. She wanted to research and chose a pup. Her criteria in mind, I selected this pup for her. “Rudy” was shipped right after Christmas. She wanted “the puppy experience,” sounds like she is getting it! He wasn’t interested in sitting for his photo either!
Worries most buyers have:
All calls have an excited “puppy owner to be” on the other end of the phone! You have been doing a lot of research, decided on the breed you want and now it is time to make a decision. OOPS—you want a pup BUT it has been years since you raised one, you are now busy with jobs, kids, kid activities, and a social life if you can squeeze it in. Time to second guess that decision! Here are the most common questions:
  1. Huge responsibility——————————-not really
  2. Time consuming———————————-not really
  3. All day alone, will cause anxiety for pup—– not really (especially not the way we raise ours!)
  4. Restrictive to your activities——————–not really (especially not the way we raise ours!)
What if, what if, what if, what if???? You have proceeded to the “over thinking” mode!
Let me “remove the iffy thing” for you! In 18 years of Schnoodle breeding I have found they are different sizes, sexes, colors, BUT personality/disposition,is CONSISTENTLYthe SAME.
Finally! 8 weeks, I can come to your house now. You DO understand the part about LOTS and LOTS of naps—-right?

Inner Peace

If you can start the day without caffeine,

If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,

If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,

If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it,

If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time,

If you can take criticism and blame without resentment,

If you can conquer tension without medical help,

If you can relax without alcohol,

If you can sleep without the aid of drugs,

Then You Are Probably

The Family Dog!