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We know it is difficult to choose a puppy at birth or even at a few weeks of age.  Questions come to mind about the personality, and the overall look of the puppy when it matures.  The one thing that is consistent with our puppies is their personality.  Please check out the “Personality” page of our website for more information on personality.  The overall look of the puppies is similar with a few differences depending on the background of the puppy.  The main thing to consider when you are looking for a puppy is the color and size.  Some puppies will be bigger than others in the litter, so size is an important factor.  Of course, we cannot guarantee a specific size, we can give our professional opinion based on the birth weights of the puppies and the parents’ backgrounds.  If you have a specific idea in mind, please share it with us so that we can help you find the puppy that will suit you best.  We can do a facetime, or video chat if you would like to see the puppies ‘live’ before making a choice.

We do not show newborns in person because it is too stressful for the mother dog and her babies.   When puppies are newborn, it is important for them to stay with their mothers in a familiar environment.  This is a critical part of their development.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have while you are choosing a puppy.

We know there are a lot of things on the internet about choosing the right puppy.  This can be confusing because every article has a different point of view.  We are here to help guide you through the process of choosing so you do not become confused and overwhelmed.  The important thing is that you get a puppy that is right for you.  No matter what opinions other people may have, all that matters is that you are happy with your choice.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are trying to find the perfect puppy for you is the look.  Many of the puppies you see on the internet have been groomed a certain way to look the way they do.  An example of that is the ‘teddy bear’ face.  A so-called ‘Teddy Bear Schnoodle’ has nothing to do with the breed, it is all about the haircut.  If you are looking for a specific look, and you have a groomer, be sure to show them pictures and see what they can do to give your puppy that special look you are seeking.  There is one factor to consider here, and that is the coat.  If the puppy does not have a coat that can be groomed to look a certain way, the groomer may be able to suggest how they can groom your puppy to look cute in their own way.  Regardless of their coat, your puppy will still be cute with their own style.  It is the same for humans not all of us can ‘rock’ a certain hair style but we can ‘rock’ our own and be happy with it.

Below are some examples of a comparison of younger verses older puppies so you can see how they look as they mature.


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