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I think I have heard “every” question that pertains to “getting a new puppy”! It is natural to wonder if the new puppy will fit into your lifestyle. How the current house dog will take to a new resident and more important, is a Schnoodle the right fit for my kids.

Rather than go on and on answering these valid questions I thought you should see Schnoodles—out there in the real world, living life with their new families!

Some of our greatest historical and artistic treasures we place with curators in museums: others we take for walks Roger Caras
DO THESE DOGS LIKE WATER? We like to boat and go to the beach.

I answer this question over and over. Scroll down and see what you think!

As I have said before you have bred the best dog ever. Even tempered – not a barker, loves children – other dogs – even cats. Marvelous lap dog, as well as a great athlete. She walks with me in the mountains – at least 3 to 4 miles a day. If I could run I know she would keep up. She has been a dream to train – no accidents in the house. If we did not travel so much I would get a companion for her. But navigating the airport with her and luggage is enough for me.
Sea of Cortez – off Baja Sur. Here she is looking over the balcony. That was taken off our balcony in Baja – she goes out each day and watches the whales. I always say she is surveying her kingdom. She is the queen after all! People stop us and comment on how beautiful her color is. When we let her coat grow out the ends of her fur turn white giving her the look of being frosted.
GEE-it’s tuff being me! This is MY world. I let them share it with me!
I must tell you that this dog is the absolute best dog that anyone could ever want. Loving, smart, protective, stubborn, and your best friend. She has more friends than I do! Thanks again for giving us Stella- Roy & Diane
Norma, I bought a puppy from you in Dec. 2010. I like the messy look so I cut him myself and its’ been a few weeks since his last haircut.
He is a great dog and so much a part of the family. He goes everywhere with me, whichever room I’m in he is nearby. He goes with us on trips to the river on the boat, he goes camping with us and on our 4×4 excursions, loves to run alongside of the bicycle when we are in San Diego or will sit in the basket watching everyone on the boardwalk. He is always up for whatever adventure we take or is happy lounging around. He runs our boxers around the acre of yard we have every day. Thanks Teri
Vacationing with grandparents and their Schnoodle
YEAH! We love water sports!

I thought this day would never come!

I get the ball, you throw the ball, I get the ball, you throw the ball, I get the ball you throw the ball———gee this is fun!
WHO IS HAVING MORE FUN HERE? Dad, the girls OR the Schnoodle, Tucker, “KING” of the paddle board!  
We do SNOW on the EAST COAST & SAND on the WEST COAST!
They motivate us to play, be affectionate, seek adventure be and be loyal. Tom Hayden
Let me get this straight? I HELP you at Home Depot and my payback is that YOU take ME on vacation!
Whatever he does, wherever he goes, WE do it together! Okay, so this outfit makes me look funny BUT I must be safe! I feel the need for speed!
Hi Norma, we wanted to send you a few recent pictures of Charlie and tell you how much we love him! He is just under 5 months and weighs about 12 lbs. He is such a sweet, silly and adorable puppy and everyone who meets him falls in love with him, too. We really couldn’t imagine our lives without him and we have you to thank! He is so much fun and has really brought a lot of joy to our home. Thank you for such an amazing little guy! All the best, Kristin and Noah
Did you see how I “backed off” that white dog? Protecting the neighborhood is a tough job but someone has to do it!
This is “MY street” and “don’t you forget it”!
Norma, As I told you on the phone this dog has brought so much love & joy to this house. Every day she does something to make me laugh or so cute she brings my husband to tears (he’s a real softie). She had her booster shots yesterday the vet did her check-up & could find absolutely nothing wrong with her. She had a lot of praise for you, the breeder & me as the owner. Dr. White commented on how well trained she is.
She really is such a joy and has helped bring me out of a very deep depression. I thank God every day that my daughter found you & your pups. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has benefited from your pups. Birthday weekend in Monterey on the beach. Sitting on a foot stool (her Throne) watching people go by.
Attached are the photos from our trip to Monterey for Mollie’s 1st birthday. The hotel Portola in Monterey is very pet friendly, we’ve been back once since then & the level of serve is impeccable. The restaurant Italia Fina at Fisherman’s Wharf does cater to dogs. They have a doggie menu & really make your pet happy. Your pet can sit up at the table with you in their outdoor heated seating area. Keep doing what you love because all your pet parents are thanking you daily. Mary O.
Hi Norma, We love our Schnoodle, Roxy. She is a delightful combination of intelligence and fun. We took her to puppy training classes, and she was at the top of her class! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and New Year. Judy & Wayne
WILLOW LIVES WITH HER NEW OWNERS IN A 5TH WHEEL——the buyers chose a “smaller” size to fit their “smaller” living quarters! Works great.
Willow is doing really well! We’ve been teaching her to sit, lay down and shake. She has settled into the RV real well and had her first bath yesterday! We’re really enjoying her! Good to hear from you! Paul & Hannah
I’M DRIVING! “Hey guys, MY OWNER IS A PILOT anyone want to FLY”?
NOW: reports from INDONESIA!
This lady came and bought four pups. They had to be in quarantine before making the trip. She had a friend accompany them to her home. Hi Norma, I just want to let you know that the 4 pups are all fine. Here is their picture playing in the garden. My kids love them so much. Thank you, Yetti (Lilis Tjahjadi)
We went home to Sweden for vacation and took Mindy. We flew from LA to Copenhagen. I was a bit nervous before the flight but everything went just great. No problems at all! Mindy didn´t even go potty in the case but nicely outside the airports in LA, Frankfurt and Copenhagen. She was calm and nice all the time! Such a lovely pup! Mindy really loves running around here. We can have her without a leash when we are outside. She never runs away and she comes when she´s called.
It all ended up with that we never went back to CA in August as planned. Instead we all stayed in Sweden and Mindy became a Swedish dog. We really would like to thank you for Mindy. She is just the nicest little dog you can imagine! She never (or seldom) barks and she goes to sleep if she has to stay home alone for a few hours. She is always easy to bring wherever we go. She loves her crate and that is where she goes if she is alone at home or if we are taking her in the car, bus or train. She looks just adorable. So…. with this letter I only want to say thank you for a lovely dog and to tell you about our flight and move to Sweden. Best Regards Sofia Bergholtz & Mindy

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