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The best way to tell where a person is going is to look where they’ve been! A professional breeder will have records, stories and photos that reflect a lifetime of perfecting their breed of choice. Simply put, that defines the professional breeder. When breeding the best quality “hybrid”, it is essential to use only the highest quality purebreds, each purebred dog bred to the standards of that breed. This is not an easy feat! A breeder must evaluate each crossbred litter to be sure that the offspring are not only outstanding examples of each purebred BUT are much more! Successful crossing of TWO different breeds brings synergism to the puppy – the result being more than the sum of the parts. Each purebred is evaluated as to balance, size, and most important, past litter performance. Does this parent breed true? Are the offspring consistent? If the answer is YES, this is one half of the breeding pair! When the selected parents are mated you can be assured of quality offspring.
VIDEOS add excitement to everything! We recognize how hard it is to look at a wee pup, either via photo or in our home, and imagine that puppy a month later exhibiting fun and personality. In an effort to help you “visualize” Schnoodle pups playing we thought it would be a good idea to add a few videos to our site.
THESE VIDEOS were done by several different buyers. They kindly volunteered and sent regular video updates of their pups.
Thought you might get a kick out of Reagan’s latest antic—he got “stuck” in outdoor cat enclosure (I should have taken pic!). It appears he can fit through the cat door, but couldn’t figure out how to come back in. I happened to hear a distant whining and went to investigate! He is obsessed with the cats 🙂 One likes him (kind of) We love him to death, but his nickname by friends and family is “pesky.” He just wants to be a part of absolutely everything!! So obviously you breed dogs that are very social! He still does a “crazy dance” when hubby comes home—probably cause Jay lets Reagan sleep in his lap while watching TV when he’s done playing with all his toys. Ruthie
VIDEO starring: “Mr. Social/Mr. Friendly”
Ever wonder what 8-10 weeks of age looks like? This is the perfect example!
How about the “resident” dog, think his feeling might be hurt?
If there is “trouble” anywhere you can bet Reagan is close by! His antics have made his owner and me smile for the past year. BETTER YET—she sent videos to share.This spans time frame between about 3 months and 6 months of age. He is a silly puppy eager to be friends with his housemates and thankfully, they are “tolerant” of him!
Worried the cat/s won’t approve of the new pup?
During visits, pups are often overwhelmed and quiet in part because of changes in location for the visit. This often results in, “Gee, will the pups play with the kids and us”? Naturally they want an energetic dog to suit their lifestyle. Look at this video. I think you will like what you see!
TUCKER: owns 2 adorable little girls. The first video is playing chase, then I was thrilled to see him follow commands from one of the kids. The second video is Tucker in the back yard entertaining himself with a stick! Energy enough for any endurance activity you enjoy.
The little white dog was shy and intimidated by her larger dog housemates. SOLUTION: puppy Schnoodle to help her gain confidence. Soon the Schnoodle will be much larger but it won’t matter. The loving friendship will be in place!
FOR CAT LOVERS: what if the dog is hard on the cat? What if the dog makes the cat uncomfortable in your home? What if the cat doesn’t like the dog? Do you fear for your cat? Watch this video below to see who really RULES the house! It’s a hoot!
Everyone has albums of family photos. When past generations are compared it is always fun to see who looks like a great grandparent! MY FAMILY PHOTO HISTORY shows examples of my purebred parent dogs through my MANY YEARS of breeding quality purebreds. It is little wonder then that our Schnoodles are exceptional. You can see that the quality is consistent and the sizing balanced so when you look at the many pups and adult Schnoodles on every page of this site you will find consistency year after year.
…and now for THE FINALE!
You can’t leave without seeing our PUREBRED OFFSPRING over the years. Notice how things have “evolved” and continue to do so. Forty-five years ago Poodles and Schnauzers had “specific” colors. It all started there. BUT things changed over time. Many breeders including me couldn’t resist the genetic manipulation of color which fast forwards us to today. Below is a brief look at my learning curve!