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Norma, Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much we love our little guy. He’s big on personality, ‘smarts’ and vigor. We have him in the San Francisco Humane Societies’ Animal Assisted Therapy program, where he loves to cuddle both elderly and unwell. He excelled at agility training, beating all but one other dog (a miniature schnauzer) in intermediate class. He loves to go for hikes of 10 miles or more, even backpacking for longer trips on occasion.
Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
Roger Caras
We initially got Rudy after being exposed to another Schnoodle — as I’m very allergic to dogs we needed a non-shedding breed. I never could have imagined what happened next. I believe for one that having Rudy in our home has not increased my allergies at all, but actually eliminated my need for medication. Rudy is of course outside every day, and brings back small amounts of allergens into our home before his ritual grooming brings him back to clean. This has in turn exposed me to small, measured doses of allergens and all but eliminated my seasonal allergy issues. I for one never could have imagined this as a result! We couldn’t be more pleased. ~~ Thanks, Don
A NOTE FROM NORMA: I have loved dogs all my life. When I left home to work in the “big city” I was lost without a dog and terribly lonely. BIG problem! So I purchased my first poodle. Problem solved! However, “back in the day” having a pet in an apartment was not acceptable to many landlords. I was quickly issued an eviction notice. I moved several times over the next year. As soon as I was discovered, I was evicted. But I couldn’t give up my beloved poodle! One day my dad told me he wanted to sell the family truck and I would have to stay in one place longer than 2 months! Fortunately I found a place that would allow the dog and my moving days were over! Clearly, the companionship of the dog far outweighed the issues with moving. It did occur to me that perhaps I was a bit “strange”! When marriage entered my life, I made it clear I came with a dog and a love of horses that would be in our future! Over my many years as a breeder I found myself meeting people just like me! A dog was very important in their lives. I also had many people tell me stories of how the dog helped family members through everything from illness, old age loneliness, recent strokes or heart attacks, and special needs (handicapped). Having seen this in my own family I started asking people to share their stories.
As I told you on the phone this dog has brought so much love & joy to this house. Every day she does something to make me laugh or so cute she brings my husband to tears (he’s a real softie).
She really is such a joy and has helped bring me out of a very deep depression. I thank God every day that my daughter found you & your pups. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has benefited from your pups. Keep doing what you love because all your pet parents are thanking you daily. Mary O.
NOTE FROM NORMA: One day a lovely girl came to purchase an “older” pup. She was an amazing young lady. Raised by her “nana” back east she wanted to become a Dr. She joined the military and was stationed in California. I was so impressed by the accomplishments of one so young. Having just finished a war tour, she purchased a condo and was in the process of bringing her nana to live with her.
Norma, I just can’t stop gushing about this puppy. She’s so perfect. I think, in a way, she is going to save me. I was diagnosed with PTSD a while ago because of the things I saw in Iraq. But this little doll is bringing me so much happiness and comfort that I haven’t had in a long time. I am so grateful I found you 🙂 God must have known she was exactly what I needed because I just happened to look at your page at “the right time”.
KAYLA-purebred Schnauzer (too small for our breeding program)

When I received this note I told her I had other people comment on how the puppy changed their lives and could I use her story. Here is the “rest” of her story. It is wonderful to know that a dog can play such an important part in the health of a human.

Norma, Thank you so much. It means a lot to have you say that. I’ve definitely gotten better- I was in a very, very dark place about a year ago. My ex fiancé passed away and a lot of things just happened all at once that caused me to fall into a deep depression. I’ve been getting better though- I’m starting to find things that make me happy. Working out, my 2nd job, etc… but there was always a void! I needed a best friend… someone to come home to every night that would love me no matter what and always be excited to see me.
I absolutely do not mind if you post my story, in fact I would be honored 🙂 I hope it will help other people who are struggling in the future because schnauzers really are amazing dogs. And this little girl… I can’t wait until I figure out her name! Her personality is starting to come out already. Last night we were playing with her squeaky toys and it put a huge smile on my face.. 🙂
Hi, Norma, I have been meaning to write you to bring you up to date regarding our black poodle we bought in July from you. If you recall, this little guy you were keeping because he was only 5 pounds so you felt he didn’t belong in a home with young children and you wanted a “size appropriate” environment for him. We love this dear little guy. He is our family puppy along with being a service dog for my husband, Henry, who has PTSD from the Vietnam War. This wonderful letter had me immediately asking for more information! I had no idea that dogs could offer so much to people in such emotional pain. Here is what Elizabeth shared with me.  
He is calm and really helps Henry….He brings a calm atmosphere with him in the meetings and he ends up helping the other Veterans too. When he comes home and takes his little jacket off, he is our bouncy fun loving puppy again. He loves playing with his mound of little toys and usually he will spend the afternoon in my office (while I’m working) playing or chewing on his favorite toys. He just turned one this past Sunday. He is a real beauty and such a special spirit. Henry takes him on two walks per day plus his outings with Henry. He has met many, many people. The people seem to come over to him like magnets because he is so small and official looking with his service dog jacket. Sincerely, Elizabeth Stuppy
Please tell people that automatically when they hold and pet the new puppy their brain automatically releases chemicals that will calm them. This is what the doctors have researched regarding Vietnam Vets who have a special type of PTSD (since their condition wasn’t handled immediately upon their return to America). Having a dog helps with all types of PTSD and it is a special miracle for us because Rocky really helped my husband.
  Rocky is a legitimate service dog—his task is called “impulse interruption”…..he actually interrupts the PTSD from occurring and/or shortens the PTSD attack. There is a change that happens with a humans’ breath right before a PTSD attack which the dog becomes aware of and alerts the human. Rocky wears his jacket and goes everywhere with Henry. Henry has a Service Dog ID badge which has a photo of Rocky and our names as the owners along with a paragraph from the Americans with Disabilities Act on the back of the card. Rocky wears a tiny service dog jacket and he goes with Henry to the Veterans Counseling Meetings in Victorville.  
  He is calm and really helps Henry…He brings a calm atmosphere with him in the meetings and ends up helping the other Veterans too. When he comes home and takes his jacket off he becomes our fun loving pup again. He loves playing with his mound of toys and usually he will spend an afternoon in my office (while I am working) playing or chewing on his favorite toys. He just turned one this past Sunday. He is a real beauty and a special spirit. He goes on 2 walks a day added to his outings with Henry. He has met many, many people. The people seem to come over to him like magnets because he is small, easily approachable and very cute in his official jacket!  
Rocky is such a hit Henry & Elisabeth decided they needed another dog! I just had a poodle litter with a “little duplicate” of Rocky so lucky them, their pup was already available!
Hi, Well, our puppies are the best of friends, even though Rocky gets a little weary, from time to time, of Pip’s constant energy. They are really fun to watch zipping here and there after each other. Pip is on the left and Rocky on the right in photo. Henry is working with them as each walks on his own leash around the neighborhood. Pip has grown and is almost as tall as Rocky, but not as long. He has put on about 2 pounds of weight and he feels more solid. Pip has such a delightful personality and we are really enjoying him in our little menagerie. I hope everyone, including puppies, are well on your end. I will write again soon. Sincerely, Elizabeth Stuppy
My name is Baxter, and today, May 18, 2014 is my 5th birthday. I’m a little 6 lb. 10 oz. black wavy haired Schnoodle with a little white beard. I may be small in size, but a giant of love. I enjoy playing with my toys and teasing my folks by hiding around the corners. Each day my ‘Papa’ takes me for a nice long walk, which is good for him too. I’m full of fun, but am also a very quiet and laid back little fella, not at all hyper. I am a Therapy dog that has made weekly visits to rehab facilities and the library where they have a program for children reading to therapy dogs. What fun is that! I hear these folks saying; “oh, here comes Baxter to put a smile on our faces”.
The children all ask me to dance for them, and I do because I am a bit of a show-off. My family all adore me, I’ve been a shining star in their golden years. I’m so proud to have made so many people happy. Thank you Norma, for matching me up with this loving family when I was 10 mos. old. Great job! Jack, Carol, and Baxter
You can see how all these stories would warm my heart! It is expected that a puppy will bring laughter and pleasure to the family taking them home…BUT… when that family makes the effort to have the pup/dog trained for therapy work so they can share the dog and then the stories; that is icing on the cake! DID YOU KNOW THAT POODLES ARE THE 2ND SMARTEST CANINE & SCHNAUZERS ARE #9? Little wonder they train so quickly and earn the respect of the owners and trainers. I was involved with the story below. Kathleen owned 3 of our Schnoodles. She phoned one day telling me about Marco, her brother-in-law, who had had a stroke. She had watched his pleasure with her dogs and thought maybe a dog would help him. I told her to bring him over, I had a few girls about to retire and he could take his pick. We brought out Sherry. This gorgeous poodle was as sweet as them come. She too was disabled. She had developed an eye infection. The vet gave us salve but it wouldn’t get better. In the end, she lost the eye due to a foxtail that managed to get into the back of the eye. We put Sherry on Marco’s lap. The stroke had incapacitated one side. As Marco struggled to balance Sherry with his good arm we watched her adjust and to his “good” side then “plaster” herself to his chest! She was aware of what she had to do to help which included not moving once she was balanced. It was wonderful to witness this lovely man and special dog figure out how they were going to look after each other.
Hi Norma, attached is a photo of Marco and Sherry, ‘happy together.’ I can’t tell you how wonderful it has been for Marco to have Sherry as a companion. Marco suffered a stroke 10 years ago and has been on full disability ever since. He is unable to drive and is dependent on others to get him places or he uses his electric scooter. His wife works long hours to help pay the bills, which leaves Marco alone all day and into the night. Marco would resort to watching TV and calling people throughout the day and night. I knew Marco was lonely and thought of your dogs. Marco was able to choose between four of your beautiful mature dogs but it was love at first sight, Marco chose Sherry.
Hello! Watson and Nathan are currently participating in basic dog obedience classes. I thought you would enjoy hearing the instructor’s (13 year dog training veteran) comments about Watson: “The breeder did a marvelous job on this dog. He has beautiful lines, great disposition. You have a great dog.” I thought you would also be amused by her comment to Nathan and me that “Schnauzers typically don’t do well in my class because of the owners (who spoil the dogs and let the dogs get away with everything).”
Schnoodles or RETIRED purebred moms make great companions.
My favorite “companion story” is that of my mum. AGE 91, healthy, not living alone thanks to her Poodle Angie! Mum loves to take Angie out for a walk to the mail box. The walk is good for mum, Angie “not so much” since mum carries her the distance! Angie gets down long enough to go potty then is scooped up again. Works for them!

It has amazed me how many older people want a puppy. When I ask for the age, I am often told anywhere from late 60’s to mid 80’s! I once had a wheelchair bound 75 year old purchase a puppy. Her son lived nearby and was going to help. Nothing would convince the lady that a puppy might be more problems than she anticipated. A Schnoodle pup was flown to her. A month later she phoned me. She was so happy with her pup. He had learned to run and get his toys and bring them to her. The game was “fetch” and pup figured out how to make it easier on his owner.

A few years later another interesting call came in. This lady lived near me. Her mom was turning 80 and the only request put more in the form of a “command” was NO gift, just a dog! Mom had even moved into a new assisted living location because they allowed dogs. Her daughter said the first home was nicer but mom wanted a dog and she was going to make it happen. I happened to have a wonderful retired mom, a small Schnauzer. I felt she was one of those rare special dogs that get inside your soul. I wanted just the right home for her so when this phone call came in, I knew she had a new home. Off went Emma for a new adventure. The family was having a party including many generations of relatives. Several months went by and finally I got a call from Beth. She said “Emma was the best dog ever”. Emma never left her side, walked quietly beside her throughout the grounds of the home, usually without a leash. I could tell by the happiness in her voice that this was a perfect match.
One day I received a call from a former buyer. Her 80 year old aunt had just lost her dog (also one of mine) and insisted the niece get right on the phone to me! Although she had raised a puppy, her niece and I thought perhaps an “older retired dog” would be more suitable. Auntie loved to walk in the dog area of her apartment building and meet with her friends and their dogs. Getting an older dog meant “instant” outings and a quick easy settling in period. My only request—she pose for a photo!
A large number of our calls are inquiries about a “companion dog for the resident dog”, often from owners recognizing the signs of aging in their dog and wanting to have a puppy to help them go through the eventual loss of their beloved pet. Although we are breeders, we believe strongly in the bond between our dogs and ourselves. They are part of our everyday life, are in our home for months at a time through pregnancy and whelping and are constantly running and playing with us. I have always thought that this was one of the reasons our retired dogs transition well into the lifestyle of a new family. They were comfortable in our home and their new location is the same but with better “perks”! Our breeding dogs are retired young so they can have a second life. Our pups fit into any household and love everyone, from people to cats! THINK YOU SHOULD GET YOUR PET A PUPPY? They will thank you for it!
Hi Norma or Ashlee, My name is Dave C., and this past March, we purchased a great, little brown Schnoodle from y’all, Rusty. He is just the greatest little guy in the world with the absolute best personality! Believe you me, I cannot imagine a little pup being loved any more than he!

Reagan & friend! See Reagan & friend! See VIDEO of these two playing in FAMILY HISTORY PHOTOS of these two playing in FAMILY HISTORY PHOTOS

This skittish Schnauzer changed after getting her Schnoodle companion!

Schnoodle was bought for the small dog who was intimidated by the larger dog. See video—

Westie needed a friend, even shares her bed!


A lonely old Schnauzer wanted company.