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Living out of area or out of state may make you feel disadvantaged in considering a dog purchase based on the information and photos that I provide on the website. NOT SO! First, the puppy photographs are taken close, VERY close. I purposefully take them outside in mid-day so that I capture the true color and exact features of the puppy. The photos are not posted as little “thumbnails”, but are nice large photos that help you feel that you are right here! Out of state buyers are really in a similar situation as people living within driving distance. The latter have the ability to come and see a newborn, but what they see is exactly what you see in the photos.
In any case, nobody is allowed to hold the pup. For health reasons, visitors must keep a safe distance from the pup. Please understand. I try to return e-mails the same day, but I often write about the same pup to several interested parties. ALL pups are considered for sale UNTIL I receive a deposit. I never play “games” with buyers. I am often asked to contact them if someone suddenly shows interest in a pup they are asking about. I tell everyone I won’t do this as I believe it is unfair to buyers. I have no need to use “pressure tactics” to induce a sale.
  Sadly protocol rules are often the result of someone taking advantage!
Two buyers below should help you understand.

This “camping pup” obviously brings a lot of happiness to the family as the letter indicates. YET the owner refuses to pay the balance he owes on the dog. His check was invalid. When I alerted him to this he immediately promised to pay. I responded with a certified letter (which was signed for) and a self-addressed/stamped envelope. Multiple phone calls and emails have gone unanswered. There is NO confusion here, just dishonor!

Recently we sent this BLACK pup to Anchorage, Alaska. The buyer had earlier been taken advantage of by another breeder who promised a pup on a certain day but failed to deliver. Thus, not wanting to disappoint her kids again, she was eager to get our pup quickly. She pleaded that we rush the preparations for the sake of the kids. Her money arrived just before the pup was to be shipped. It was considerably short of the amount owing. She was alerted to the shortage and promised to send the money immediately if we would send the pup. We shipped as planned including a stamped self- addressed envelope for the balance. Nothing! We phoned and money was promised. Again, nothing! Phoned again and was told the check was in the mail. This went on for several months but the money was never sent. LESSON LEARNED!
Hi Norma! Jaxson is adorable, very smart and fun, but very mischievous. We absolutely adore him! He is 9 lbs. (which is the weight you predicted). He loves to play. Besides, that he is perfect! We go for walks every day, which he loves and he sleeps with us every night. Jaxson loves to ride in the car (he has a car seat). Thanks for checking about my grooming question. I actually have just let his coat grow and it really isn’t too long. I trim his bangs and around his eyes. He loves being brushed. How are you doing? Let me know if you would like for me to send you any pictures of Jaxson for your website. Every once in a while I go on your website and look at the pictures of your new puppies. Pics are from camping in Yosemite and Crater Lake. Take Care, Chris M.
How to buy one of our puppies—deposit—
DEPOSIT: A NON-refundable deposit of HALF the value of the pup is required to hold a puppy. WHY is the deposit NON REFUNDABLE? Once we have a contract in place for this pup, it is taken off the web site, is never shown to another potential buyer and is not mentioned during other sales. Your ownership of this pup is protected and honored. The deposit, however, may be refundable under extenuating circumstances, e.g. if the puppy had a serious reaction to a shot or worming prior to you taking it home or if for some unexplained reason the pup died. The deposit must be in the form of a postal money order or cashiers’ check or cash, to Ashlee Thompson. Pups are available for sale UNTIL we receive the deposit. Overnight or priority mail ensures your selection.
  1. The balance is due in CASH/cashiers check or postal money order at the time of pick up or two weeks before flight. The average prep for a flight is 7-10 days. SHIPPING costs as well as balance on pup MUST be paid in full before we begin the process.
  2. Upon receiving your deposit you will be emailed a contract/receipt/guarantee for the pup.You are also sent our PUPPY PACKAGE which includes a “shopping list” to help you prepare!
Please enclose the following information:
PUPPY PACKAGE: what is it?

When you decide to purchase one of our pups we immediately begin “your” training! We have spent the past four weeks preparing the pup to leave us, therefore you need to know what to expect and to understand how easy it is! You will be sent mini booklets on things that pertain to your home. PREPARING FOR PUPPY is important, just as preparing to bring your newborn baby home was. People are always more confident if they are aware and ready. This makes the transition comfortable for both puppy and new owner. There is a lot of information on this site but YOU WILL RECEIVE MORE that pertains to how we have raised your new pup. This information will prepare you and help you in the weeks of training that follow. It is simple, step by step including photos!

The PUPPY PACKAGE works best if you READ it!
I have had many buyers over the years who phoned within days with questions that were well covered in the material that was sent to them as soon as they purchased a puppy. Why it was not read is a mystery to me. The client who gave me a giggle was one that arrived from Las Vegas. We had been emailing for the many months that led up to her arrival to pick up the pup. This included Q & A as well as puppy photo updates. She arrived; the puppy was put into her son’s arms. I asked if there were any questions or confusion.
She sarcastically answered, “What you feed her would be nice”! I was astounded. I asked if she had received the information I sent. She said she had received nothing. I assumed I may have made a mistake, apologized, and ran back to the puppy room to get some food for her. While there I pulled up her file on my computer. There with the contract were four information files sent to this buyer. I went back to her and asked if she had received the contract. She said she had. I told her that with the contract were several home preparation files. Clearly, she had not even opened them let alone downloaded them for future reference. Sadly, she is not alone. I have had this happen on many occasions.
SHIPPING: I ship from ONTARIO, California (ONT). I will ONLY SHIP to a MAJOR airport in your state. This is for the safety of the pup. Airlines require pre-payment for shipping.
SHIPPING IS $500. This includes: a crate, pup insurance, and airport delivery. These items are something any buyer will do for their new pup. Since it is mandatory, I do it for you. ALL shipped pups require: veterinarian exam of pup, a health certificate, Knowing a vet has been involved before you get the pup is reassuring for every buyer.
Hi Norma and Ashlee. I want you all to know that our Schnoodle, Sherman, is honestly the best dog on the planet. From the second he arrived after the flight from California to Tennessee he seemed to love his new family and home. He never once cried those first few days. Sherman is very social; he loves people and other animals and is energized when company comes to visit. He is very athletic. We got the electric fence and he loves to run and play outside no matter what the weather. He is very smart and picked up on the fence right away so potty training was a snap. Sherman is very affectionate. He loves attention and affection but is not needy and enjoys being independent. All in all we hit a home run with this little guy. Take care.

Many out of area buyers would like to accompany their pup home. We use ONTARIO (ONT) airport ONLY for this service. There are a limited number of dogs allowed inside the plane so buyers must advise the airline in advance when booking the flight. You never leave the airport! For those coming across the country it will be necessary for you to have an overnight stay close to the airport. There are lots of nice hotels with shuttle service and this has worked well for many buyers flying too far to return the same day. We will explain times of arrival and departure so as to co-ordinate your flight with pup arriving at the airport.

This client flew into Ontario airport from Chicago. Ashlee met the plane, handed off the pup and off the lady went. It was a long day for her including changing planes with her new pup.
Hi Norma, We made it! He was amazing the entire way. I don’t know what you do to train these puppies, but he is perfect! Thank you, Christa 🙂 TWO DAYS LATER: He is doing great! We love him already! We named him Norman 🙂 Hi Norma, We made it! He was amazing the entire way. I don’t know what you do to train these puppies, but he is perfect! Thank you, Christa 🙂 TWO DAYS LATER: He is doing great! We love him already! We named him Norman 🙂
Home at last

Puppy lives in Southern California. Puppy needs to be in Phoenix—WHAT TO DO?

txt”Phoenix is a 6 hour drive or a 1 hour commercial flight, OR if you just happen to be a pilot there is another option……>


This pup went to live in San Fransico. Her parents came in a special plane just to pick her up and take her home. She is pictured at the end in her vineyard loving the gorgeous view and her mom.

latour-pickup-pup.jpeg latour-for-site.jpg  
HOW DO I GET ON A WAITING LIST: We don’t keep a waiting list for pups. When I previously tried, I often found that people on the list had already purchased a pup by the time I contacted them. I do give “planned birthing dates” should buyer want to wait. Buyers following up with more calls or e-mails will be right up to date on a birth when it happens!
DO I NEED TO FILL OUT A QUESTIONAIRE? No. I sell a lot of puppies to people in other states or who live too far to drive and visit a litter. Over the years I have found that several phone conversations give you the chance to tell me all about yourself and what you want from your dog. I can then make suggestions as to size, etc., that I believe will work best with your family’s lifestyle. I can also answer many of your questions as we are discussing a future pup for you. This works well to help you get a sense of what I am doing and, in turn, I learn about you and your family. Ultimately, I am able to put the perfect pup into your home. In many cases, the first time you see the pup is when you pick it up here or at the airport. Read letters from our clients you will see that I have done well in my selections based on phone conversations!
You are excited; everything is ready at home but still no pup! Many buyers purchase their pup and must wait 7 weeks to bring it home. Although that is not a long time (in puppy time), it is for the new buyer. I understand this and because it is so common for buyer to be impatient, I must address a few things you may be overlooking. Puppy is a baby. As with human babies, they are easily stressed. Perhaps the single most important thing I do while raising your pup is to make sure that I keep the stress level as low as possible. While you are waiting for your puppy to mature, I am giving shots and prophylactic medications. ALL this is very stressful to a puppy’s system, but it must be done. This is why they are kept warm, quiet and left completely alone. Their security is WITHIN the litter and I am relying on that to help them deal with the necessary medications I am giving them.
Enter eager buyer. In your mind, a short visit wouldn’t hurt the pup. BUT consider your pup, should you insist on a visit, will be taken away from the security of the litter so you can see him/her. You CANNOT hold or touch this pup for obvious reasons. It is stressful and if your pup is exposed to germs these will be transferred into the rest of the litter. And the other pups in the litter belong to other buyers. You have been told and/or read that your new puppy should have smells from home. You would like to drop off toys or items with family smells to be put in with your pup. Again, stop and consider IF every pup owner in your litter did this? Not only would we be cross-contaminating the litter, there would be little room for pups! Your puppy IS taking the “smells of this home” with him/her. The PUPPY PACKAGE helps you “duplicate” our puppy set up.
These pups all share the same area. You can see we have lots of items to play with. Imagine if the owners of each pup brought something to add to this! CROSS-CONTAMINATION would be the first problem, CONSTANT CLEANING of all these items to prevent health issues would be the second—–there is more but you probably get my point!
PHOTOS/& or/ VIDEOS: the greatest change in a puppy occurs between birth to 4 weeks of age. This time period is similar to that of a human baby from birth to 6 months. From 4 weeks to 6 weeks, the pup increases in size and develops more coat. Ashlee will text a photo of your pup at the age of 6 weeks (ONLY). Please don’t feel “shunned”! I chose this age because it most accurately depicts the maturity of your pup. Photo shoots are stressful, and contradict our policy of low stress up-bringing. Stress has many “paybacks” for pup. Most commonly it causes babies to go off food
When I describe a pup as being a rich dark brown with “highlights” you can see it! OR HOW ABOUT “this pup has freckles on its’ nose!” ONLY outdoor photos in natural light help you feel you are standing right near the pup! If we have a warm day we shoot outside.
I hope that by addressing these common misunderstandings you will understand that everything I do is for the well-being of the pup. I have invested care day and night into your pup, and made an ongoing and serious effort to protect your pup from everyone and everything that may cause it the slightest bit of stress.
If some of these things never occurred to you, YET they make great sense now that you read them, you can be happy you are not only getting a great puppy, but that the health and confidence of that pup were foremost with your breeder.