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MIGHT YOU OVERLOOK THIS PUP? He is plain. Then you wonder just what he will be—bet you never thought he would look like this?
This note from a client purchasing the THIRD Schnoodle from us! THREE pups by the same sire!

Ashlee really helped me select the right pup for our family. Padre (21#) is my wonderful companion dog and very mellow. He seems perfect. Padre goes with the flow and although he is my guy, he does share his love with the rest of the family. Whereas Bolt (12#) is Andres’ dog…is loving but has his person and is a very responsible guy guarding our family. Kathleen

The vet and her assistant were quite impressed at what a good dog he is. They kept saying, “What a cool dog”!

16 weeks, 9 pounds—going to be a nice size for these happy little girls in Boise, Idaho!

Aztec 15# & growing!
Even I wondered about this little guy! BUT along came a gal with a Standard Poodle who needed a friend—buys DUKE as a baby—I babysat him 8 weeks after she took him home. What a great dog and just gorgeous!
Hi Norma, I just wanted to send you a little update and express to you how thankful we are to have Cosby in our lives. I don’t know what you do when they are little, but he is the COOLEST dog of all time. He has the best personality. I seriously feel like he was born to be in our lives. He is so loving, hilarious, quirky and is the BEST face to come home to every day. He has done very well with potty training and gets along great with our Weimereiner, Gracee. Her quality of life is so much better now that Cosby is in her life. Now that she has a roommate she is way more at ease when we are away. BEST decision we ever made and best birthday present ever!!
We took Cosby to the groomer last week and he was a HIT. They loved him so much and said how gorgeous his markings were. This place used to exclusively groom show dogs, so the fact that they were saying how unique and gorgeous of a dog he was made me feel good 🙂

We took Cosby to the groomer last week and he was a HIT. They loved him so much and said how gorgeous his markings were. This place used to exclusively groom show dogs, so the fact that they were saying how unique and gorgeous of a dog he was made me feel good 🙂


They didn’t let me lay on the bed in the “other house”!

Here at Domino Schnoodles we are good at so many things! Sometimes “guessing” a mature size for your pup is a little “lacking”! When you call us, one of our first questions is: “What size do you want your adult dog to be”? That is very important to help us direct you to particular litters from which to make your choice. Occasionally the conversation ends there because the answer is the desire to own a very large Schnoodle. Every potential buyer already has a “criteria” in mind. Often they know what sex, color and size BUT end up with the simple statement, “just so long as it is healthy”! We have already covered the most important details for you, health, disposition, personality are all qualities we set out to breed for. Check them off your list and stay with size, sex, color. Just as you see your children or other family members take their hair color, eye color, size from a parent or distant relative you will also see that in the “dog world”. We do everything possible to breed consistent sizes according to the history of the parents. When you are interested in a particular pup we will tell you the weight and size of mom and dad, the birth weight of the pup, the recorded growth chart of the pup and then we ask you to take part in the decision. Most families feel 3-4 pounds one way or the other is not an issue. BUT sometimes we have a buyer who emphatically states the smallest or largest their pup can be. While we would love to have them own one of our pups, we always back away. Our feeling is that buyers will “love” their pup no matter what BUT if the buyer wanted a pup to be a certain size as an adult it is not fair to “hope” that the pup will be that size.
Once again, I will show in photos how I made choices based on “good intel” yet ended up with something completely different! Below: two purebred poodles. I purchased the white girl from a breeder. I saw the litter, the parents, and the pedigree and made my selection. This dog was SUPPOSED to be a TOY poodle. That means height 10″ or less, weight 5-8 pounds. This gorgeous white poodle is a MINIATURE in every sense of the definition! When I talked with the breeder about my “giant” toy poodle she was amazed and then told me she thought she remembered there was a miniature poodle a few generations back. She had never had a “throw back” to that size and it never occurred to her that after several generations of ONLY toy breeding it would appear. ONE YEAR LATER: the breeder called me to come see another litter. This was the SAME two parents. They all appeared to be toys so I decided to try again. You see the black/white Parti girl next to her FULL sister. This pup matured to 4 pounds and although beautiful, too small for a breeding program. She was sold.  
Lucky for the traveling actress who wanted her pet on the plane and to keep her company on her sets when away from home.
Two Schnoodle girls. They are full sisters! The large one is my dog Lola. She was selected and raised to be a “show & tell” dog for buyers—as well as a best friend for my poodle! She matured as expected to the common size our pups mature to. She is 13# and about 13-14″ tall. She has been held by many buyers who want to “understand” what that wee pup they are purchasing will look like and feel like when picked up. Lola was from the first litter of her mom and dad. Two years later I was preparing to retire mom (we retire our girls young) and Ashlee asked if she could have a Schnoodle from the same breeding as Lola. She selected the pup standing with Lola. This girl is a great example of the Phantom coloring. Imagine our surprise when she stopped growing and ended up weighing only 6 pounds! You can see she is perfectly proportioned and balanced, her “genetic” size just happened to pull from her dad and that was that!
Kaleesi 7 pounds  
Reagan 17 pounds
8 weeks
10 weeks
Age 10 weeks with a 5 pound difference in these pups. The large one will likely mature to 18 pounds, the smaller one 8-10 pounds
  How does this happen? Often knowing the genetic backgrounds of your breeding stock gives a clue! In this case, Schnauzer mom weighed 15# and miniature Poodle dad 14#. However, dad was produced from our breeding program and his sire was a toy Poodle weighing 7#. Mystery solved! The whole litter would mature from 13-18# – all but this one! At age 12 weeks these two had an “argument”, the “small one” put the “large one” on its back and let that pup know that size does not make a difference!   We do the best we can to “guesstimate” the size of your pup and our record is about 2% short of perfect! I think it is God reminding me that I don’t know!