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Designer Puppies Are Here at Last

Designer Schnoodles (Hybrid - Poodle mixed with Schnauzer)

To get an idea of what these pups will look like when they are adults.....Take a look at the parents and also check out our page explaining what their coats will look like.  These are good references to read before deciding on the puppy you want. 


What will they look like all grown up? See for yourself, click here

We respond daily to many e-mails and talk on the phone about puppy details. Please understand, however, that although we recognize that you may be interested in a particular pup, THAT PUP IS FOR SALE UNTIL WE HAVE A DEPOSIT. Occassionally, we will be contacted by a potential buyer, then a week later, that interested party will phone wanting to know how to purchase the pup they have the photos of, or have even come to visit, only to learn that the pup has been sold.

Pups sell quickly; most litters are sold before they are 2 weeks old. Expecting to come and select a pup when a litter is 8 weeks old is probably not going to happen, and will likely lead to disappointment. You are welcome to visit a newborn litter, meet us and get a sense of what a pup may grow up to be like. For those of you at a distance I will send photos and all the information you need to make a good choice. To me it isn't about getting the pup sold as much as getting the right pup into your home. Once you tell me what you want, I can help make the best selection for you. SEE MY DESIGNER SCHNOODLES FOR SALE BELOW


Schnoodle Puppy 2 For SaleSchnoodle Puppy 2 For SaleSchnoodle Puppy 2 For Sale

TRAVEL PLANS? going by PLANE or MOTORHOME? need a friend that will fit?
We have several smaller Schnoodles that will work perfectly in small spaces!
Some can go now, others later this summer. Choose males/females in white and Parti colors
Here are just a few -mature weight about 6-8 pounds.

Place Your Deposit or Purchase Now, Click Here

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much we love our little guy. First, even though he's small in size at 8#, he's big on personality, 'smarts' and vigor. We have him in the San Francisco Humane Societies' Animal Assisted Therapy program, where he loves to cuddle both elderly and unwell. He excelled at agility training, beating all but one other dog (a miniature schnauzer) in intermediate class. He loves to go for hikes of 10 miles or more, even backpacking for longer trips on occasion.

We initially got Rudy after being exposed to another schnoodle -- as I'm very allergic to dogs we needed a non-shedding breed. I never could have imagined what happened next. I believe for one that having Rudy in our home has not increased my allergies at all, but actually eliminated my need for medication. Rudy is of course outside every day, and brings back small amounts of allergens into our home before his ritual grooming brings him back to clean. This has in turn exposed me to small, measured doses of allergens and all but eliminated my seasonal allergy issues. I for one never could have imagined this as a result! We couldn't be more pleased. ~~ Thanks, Don    


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