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Are we talking about your child or your dog? Doesn't the above description apply equally to both?
Our SCHNOODLES are from the BEST AKC PUREBRED breeding stock we can find. We retire our mothers young necessitating re-building the breeding stock. We breed purebreds once a year and select our future parents from the litters. We know we have the quality, but sometimes we don't get the size. This is an opportunity for the "purists" out there to get an exceptional purebred. When available they will follow the "Schnoodle pup" photos.
SCHNOODLE Our pups mature from 10-18# and about 12-16" tall

pups mature
from large toy to
Phone/text if you wish to check on a future purebred litter.
Purebred SCHNAUZERpups mature from
15-20# A CLASSIC
miniature Schnauzer!

Meet Hudson. He lives in Long Island New York.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

This is Rocky. He lives up in the bay area.

5.jpg 6.jpg

Meet Ivy. She lives in the inland empire.

7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg

Puppy reserved only with a deposit. Deposit is non transferable


SEE A PUP YOU LIKE?  Everyone in the family has questions?  GUESS WHAT……we have answered most of them on this site AND included photos of changing sizes.  GO to the HOME PAGE and you will find the various boxes cover the subjects that will help you make an informed decision.


See a puppy you like?  Feel free to text, call, or email any questions that you may have.  I am always willing to answer your questions. All potential adoptive parents must first fill out an Adoption Application.  Once your application has been reviewed you will be contacted for a phone interview.  This gives me the opportunity to get to know you and assist you in matching the right puppy for your family life. Please click the link below to fill out the application.


No problem.  We offer boarding for all of our puppies.  We can board your pup until you come home.


Black Male.  Will likely mature to 12+ pounds.  Available 7-25-18 Price $ 1900.


Black male.  Will likely mature to 13+ pounds.  Available to go home August 8, 2018.  The last photo gives you an idea of what he will look like when he gets a little older. Price $1900.00


Black male.  Will likely mature to 12+ pounds.  Available August 8, 2018. Price $1900.00


Brown/White Parti male. Will likely mature to 13+ pounds. Available September 12, 2018. Price $2050.00


Brown/White Parti male. Will likely mature to 13+ pounds. Available September 12, 2018. Price $2050.00


Black/White Parti female. Will likely mature to 13+ pounds. Available September 12, 2018. Price $2050.00


Black/White Parti female. Will likely mature to 13+ pounds. Available September 12, 2018. Price $2050.00

Many of our puppies are purchased from the site photos only. They are purchased within weeks of birth. ALL pups are considered for sale UNTIL I receive a deposit.

Living out of state or out of the area may make you feel disadvantaged. NOT SO! First, the puppy photographs are taken close, VERY close. I purposefully take them outside in mid-day so that I capture the true color and exact features of the puppy. Out of state buyers are really in a similar situation as people living within driving distance. The latter may have the ability to come and see a newborn, but what they see is exactly what you see in the photos. Nobody is allowed to hold the pup. For health reasons, visitors must keep a safe distance from the pup.

How to buy one of our puppies—deposit

DEPOSIT: A NON-refundable deposit of HALF the cost of the pup is required to hold a puppy. WHY is the deposit NON REFUNDABLE?After we have a contract in place for a pup, it is taken off the web site and is never shown to or discussed with another potential buyer. Your ownership of the pup is protected and honored. The deposit, however, may be refundable under extenuating circumstances; e.g. if the puppy had a serious reaction to a shot or worming prior to you taking it home or if for some unexplained reason the pup died.  The deposit will not be refunded for any other reason aside from something unforeseen happening to the puppy.  The deposit mustin cash or a cashiers' check made out to Ashlee Thompson. Pups remain for sale UNTIL we receive the deposit.

SELECTED PUPPY: deposit in the form of cashiers check must be sent within 24 hours priority mail with a tracking number forwarded to Ashlee Thompson.  Receipt of tracking number (via e-mail or text) guarantees the sale.

Upon receipt of deposit the buyer will be emailed a contract/receipt/guarantee for the pup.Buyer then be sent our PUPPY PACKAGE that includes a "shopping list" to help in the preparation for the pup!
BALANCE: due when pup is picked-up at 8 weeks of age.......balance must be in cash.

BALANCE of pups waiting to be shipped: balance and shipping costs must be paid at age 6 weeks.

Please enclose the following information:

SHIPPING IS $500. This includes: a crate, pup insurance, and airport delivery. These items are something any buyer will do for their new pup. Since it is mandatory, I do it for you. ALL shipped pups require: veterinarian exam of pup, a health certificate, Knowing a vet has been involved before you get the pup is reassuring for every buyer.


Having our puppy package is like having one of us come home with you! When you purchase one of our pups we send you home with pages of written material including photos to help you visualize what we are explaining. Our pups are raised to leave here—THINK about that. We have established the pup's upbringing around a busy family's work/school/social activity schedules. Our motto is: "Pup is there to enhance your life NOT turn it upside down"! Everything we teach begins from the moment you pick pup up. You go home to a well prepared area (following our description & photos) and your life with pup begins. Every step along the way as the puppy matures you are informed of what to expect and how to deal with it; from "what to expect the first few days" to puppy upkeep. Training is incorporated in at age appropriate times and is well explained including the time needed for each lesson. Socializing & bonding, feeding, grooming, and the very important; "how to integrate" your new puppy with a resident dog or cat! Move on through all the Health Care updates you will need to do, how to recognize and assess symptoms of illness and what to do in the case of an emergency. How to make sure problems don't start. Shipping a pup? Long drive? We walk you through all that too! You may be worried about your new family member and the stress of travel, but rest assured we are more worried and have taken measures to make it as easy on pup as possible. Our pups travel without a problem. By following our "rules" when you arrive home pup should settle in immediately.
(two weeks later update)Your pups are the smartest pups around! Bosco is peeing on command. We've been working with him, paying close attention and have been able to better control peeing when we play with him. Following your directions, we are having success "command" training him while inside the house. He has gone pee like this about 5 times now. So smart! Thought you'd like to know. This is going to make outside potty training very, very easy. He knew his name about 3 days ago, day 5. He lost a few ounces, but has already gained them back plus a couple more. Jenna is being very good with him, too. All the concerns I had have been resolved. You do wonderful work. Hope you are well, talk to you later, Marjie Tague
Hi Norma, I just want to tell you that you are a genius! Ours and Bosco's adjustment to each other has gone very well. I would say we are a family already, after just 3 days together. He is very playful and loves Jenna (age 4), too. She is on her best behavior around him. She runs and he chases. We have to be very careful when he is down on the floor while we are walking around, so very careful, he is so tiny. He is going potty just like he is supposed to, love that "pre-training" part you did! Our lives are not restricted in any way. We can come and go as needed. With your PUPPY PACKAGE it is a relative breeze to bring him into the family and our habits. I'm amazed how well he does at night, too. We are taking your advice in every way and it is all working beautifully. We can already tell how important the heat is. The heat lamp and heating pad are on 24/7. He is eating, drinking water, peeing and pooping. Everything is wonderful. I was very anxious and worried about being able to care for him the way we needed to. Thank you for everything. Marjie Tague
Thank you Norma & Ashlee for all the information and support. Already I wish I had all these materials when we had our son!

We've given the puppy a name - "Eva" - we're very excited to welcome her to our home. We will most likely have her shipped - an 8-hour flight + drive are probably worse for her, as you said. We can discuss this more later.

We'll start with the preparations that you sent - this is truly a wonderful set of instructions!

UPDATE: Hi Norma and Ashlee; I hope you are both well! We just started Eva with a dog walker - they take her every day to the park or beach mid-day while we're at work and she is loving it. These guys are really good and highly recommended.Today I was speaking with the dog walker and he's been SO impressed by Eva that he said "she must have had some really good upbringing in her first 4 weeks!!! It's very unusual to see such a confident small pup". I said, of course, that's why we picked the breeder we did!
We continue to be impressed by her attitude and so happy for what you've done with her. Thank you for bringing her into our lives! Pablo
Sadly protocol rules are often the result of someone taking advantage!
Ashlee: dedicated puppy cell phone—951-544-2419 (or TEXT )
LOCATED IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA….between Disneyland & Palm Springs
WE ASK FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION when coming to visit the pups. ASHLEE is EXTREMELY ALLERGIC to anything with fragrance, including lotions, body spray, perfumes/colognes/after shave EXPOSURE always results in breathing difficulties. We will remind you of this as you are making appointments.