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Domino Schnoodles
Professional Breeder of Designer Schnoodles
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Parti SchnoodleSchnoodleI am a professional breeder of the latest craze in designer dogs, the Schnoodle. As the first generation cross between a purebred Poodle and a purebred Schnauzer, the Schnoodle offers the best of both breeds. The hybrid Schnoodle is the one and only hybrid cross that is non-shedding and hypoallergenic. My Schnoodles are also unique in having unusual colors, including chocolate and brown/white and black/white Parti colors. The Parti color combinations are the result of careful breeding and genetic selection of the purebred stock used to produce similar rare colored Schnoodles. Read on to learn more about Parti Schnoodles, and see photos of the various color combinations.

The Schnoodle is a family dog having the best qualities of the each parent breed. From the Poodle side, the Schnoodle displays a strong human bonding personality, as well as the Poodle’s endurance and agility. These characters make the Schnoodle a great companion for the sports minded family into walking, jogging and other like interests. The Schnoodle displays the quiet dedication to its owner that is typical of the Schnauzer. The Schnauzer also gives the Schnoodle bone density and a solid body suitable for children of all ages. The Poodle/Schnauzer cross produces the ideal pet – the Schnoodle.Schnoodle

SchnoodleThere is a big difference between being a professional breeder and your every day casual breeders, “mom/pop” breeders and puppy mills. I take this very seriously. Pedigrees are researched; Schnoodles are bred with the intent of producing the best Schnoodles I can. Medical research and testing is constant. I keep the numbers small so every dog can spend time with me.

I don’t feel I am producing puppies as much as I am producing someone’s pet for life. There is a big difference here. These are not for my personal enjoyment but rather for the sheer pleasure they will bring to their new owner. Again a big difference. I approach breeding totally different than most more about my breeding philosophy here.

Domino Schnoodles is located in Riverside, California. We are in southern California, approximately 45 minutes east of Disneyland and half way between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. This makes us a great place to come visit when you pick up your Schnoodle puppy. 

My website was developed with you, the customer in mind. I do my best to provide as much knowledge as possible to learn about the breed & prepare for your Domino Schnoodle. Read about my breeding philosophy and what makes me different than most breeders.  Learn such things as grooming, caring for your puppy, home preparations, vaccinations, nutrition, and vitamin supplements under "Information & Care."  How does gender play a role in the puppy you choose? Read about it here.  Definitely do not miss frequently asked questions or the dog food grading table.  All this and more designed to help you make the best decisions for your new Schnoodle. 

Read success stories from some of my customers posted for you to read their experience with Domino Schnoodles!  Pictures of our Schnoodle parents and some of our past puppies are included in our photo gallery for you to enjoy and get an idea of what your puppy will look like.

By now you surely want to go directly to our Schnoodle Puppies to see photos and information on our available puppies and our upcoming litters!  Finally you will want to click on Contact Us to get your Domino Schnoodle Now!! Get Started Here!!


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